Flor De La Vida is a retreat found on the outside of  Mascota, a magical town in Jalisco. There are mountians, waterfalls, swimming, kayaking, hiking, birds watching, and much more.

Black Chinned Magpie
The hike
Bird watching

Hiking helps settle the mind, guiding the beauty of the present moment, and what a beautifier place to do then Flor de La vida Retreat. Our main hike is ruffly 20 minutes, threw three secret lagoons, leading you to breathtaking water scape surrounded by bisalt rock formations.



As soon as you arrive to the property a group of back chinned magpie jays will welcome you with their very particular singing. Different birds come in different times a year, but the ones that we regularly see flying close to the house are chachalacas,  falcons, parrots, egrets, heron, black throated magpie jays, and cuckoo squirrels. We also have binoculars and  telescope available. Bird watching is an amazing experience.  Flor de la Vida Retreat is very lucky to be the home for so many species of flora and fauna.


We believe reconnecting with nature helps us to reconnect to ourselves.  Our new permaculture system is an addition to an older orchid, and is our way to reach sustainability. Some of the activities related to our system are gardening, building gardening beds, maintaining the compost and the worm compost, preparing natural repellents, planting seeds, harvesting, caring for the land and technology.


We practice permaculture through sustainability and organic growing techniques.  We have a worm composting, a small nursery, and thirteen animals.  Flor de la Vida is a beautiful place for people to take some time to themselves and learn about a more about off grid living (if wanted), or just a place to reconnect to nature.

We are responsible with our waste. Part of our permaculture program involves composting in different ways our organic residues. We try to produce as little garbage as possible, organic waste is given back to the earth. We upcycle material for some projects, and recycle the rest.

Star Gazing

New moons are a must, there is close to no light pollution from the small town of Mascota.  The "star gazing lounge" is a favorite request  from our guess.  If requested it can be set up at night next to a nice cozy fire. 

Kayaking is available  Oct.  to Aug. The water is calm enough to kayak in these beautiful lagoons in the winter season. 


Meditation and Yoga

Yoga and meditation connect you to yourself and nature. The goal is to help others guide themselves, with nature, to the life-changing realization that we are our own best counselor. Sessions are led dayly by Mar and Petie.        


Swimming in the river below the amazing geometric formations and lush mountains is almost a religious experience. Most of the year the river is clear and calm.

Art is a simple and fulfilling way of reconnecting to yourself and your creative side. We have many art supplies for self-directed art and classes can also be provided by an artist with experience in graffiti and visionary art.

Other Optional Activities:

a.        Advice for healthy, low-cost eating: Coaching in smart shop, learning new recipes that are easy andhealthy.

b.        Life-management skills: Based on interest and skills, we offer coaching on how to create a new healthy lifestyle and offer tools for a more healthy relationship with the environment and society.

c.         Off-grid living techniques: Permaculture, art, cooking, building fires, construction with natural , upsycled and ecofriendly products.

By request Holistic therapies for stress, anxiety, pain, etc... can be booked (not as part of the program)

We take trips 2-3 times a week to town  gather supplies. Trips to smaller towns and the lake are included in the aftercare program.

Responsible Consuming

Alcohol and drugs are not beneficial or appropriate for our aftercare program.  At Flor de la Vida Retreat we choose to be conscious of the way we consume.  In a society saturated with stimulants, we choose to be conscious of our diet, including what we eat and drink, and what we take in mentally. We are open-minded about other people’s choices, and absolutely believe in free choice; but at Flor de la Vida, we will model informed positive choices about what we consume with our bodies and minds.  

Iboga root/low dose Ibogaine and other plant medicines may be available as a part of our aftercare (be sure to ask.)

Sound Bath/Sound Therapy 

Sound Baths are proved by Petie with over 20 years of musical back ground experience, seven years giving sound baths.  Sounds baths can be used to help to bring you into a meditative experience, deep relaxation, other states of conciseness, healing and self discovery. The Instruments used are, Tibetan Singing Bowls (quarts & metal), chimes, and tongue drum. These and some other instruments are available to teach as well.