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Flor de la Vida is an extremely beautiful piece of land located in the Sierra Madre Mountains on the outskirts of Mascota, Jalisco. Flor de la Vida sits at an altitude of 1,268 meters (4,160 feet), and has an amazing tropical mountain climate.  It is located two hours from Puerto Vallarta, and three hours from Guadalajara.


Nestled in the bottom of a lush valley surrounded by majestic mountains, Flor de la Vida is located far from any noise, roads, or other distractions that could keep you from enjoying your commune with nature.  On the property you will find a beautiful stretch of the Mascota River with intriguing basalt rock formations that  formed when volcanic magma cooled. These formations create long geometrical patterns that cover the cliffs and paint a magical landscape/waterscape, that is the heart of the Flor de la Vida Retreat.


Constant cool air flows through the valley, which, with the river, provides nature’s air conditioning for Flor de la Vida. The turquoise clear water is beautiful to behold, and it is deep and calm enough in winter and spring to swim and kayak. There are several hiking trails, with many great birdwatching locations.  Black-throated Magpie Jays, Squirrel Cuckoos, Blue Mockingbirds, Chachalacas, Crested Guans, hummingbirds, and Laughing Falcons are just a few of the beautiful birds you will see. Flor de La Vida also has a wide diversity of plants and other wildlife. With good reason, many have referred to Flor de la Vida as “The Garden of Eden.”


Flor de la Vida Retreat provides an opportunity to commune with nature and your own heart in a simple and extremely beautiful environment. The retreat is off grid and does not have electricity. Solar lights are provided, and candles are lit at night.  Natural spring water feeds the house and garden from a nearby waterfall. Water is heated by the sun for bathing. Phone signal is hard to get, but there is a good signal a short drive (10 min) to the top of the valley. The small town of Mascota with groceries and other amenities is 20 minutes away.

Flor de la Vida

 A well kept secert of Moscota. Flor De La Vida has it's own springwater/ waterfall, sheer cliffs, swimming holes, hiking trails, exotic birds, and much more.  


Swimming and kayaking is always fun at Flor de la Vida. There are even trails that take you to even bigger pools of water, where the sheer cliff formations are breath taking.  

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